Monday, January 18, 2016

7 Tips On How To Tell Your Parents You Want To Try The Paleo Diet

If you’ve decided starting a paleo diet plan is for you but you still live at home with your parents, then this article will give you the negotiating tips you need to convince them this isn’t the latest fad but one of the most important decisions you can make for your health and wellbeing…

#1 Research the paleo diet

Know your stuff and learn how to present a good argument in favour of starting a paleo diet.  Most people will get freaked out if you start talking about cavemen and exclaiming (correctly) that saturated fat isn’t evil and wheat is the real enemy.

It’s good to be excited but you need to explain your case in a calm, organized and coherent manner.  This will help your parents feel more at ease because you’ll seem more mature and thoughtful.

There are many articles on this website to help you get started or you can check out Mark Sissons’ Primal Bluprint 101 and/or Robb Wolf’s What Is The Paleo Diet?

#2 Write a list

If the discussion gets heated it’s easy to forget the points you wanted to discuss.  Have a list of the 3 or 4 main points you want to discuss with your parents about why you think the paleo diet is right for you that you can refer back to.

For example, the reasons why you want to eliminate gluten from your diet, the reasons why saturated and monounsaturated fat are preferable to too much polyunsaturated fat, the importance of quality protein sources such as red meat, eggs and fish, the benefits other people have achieved with a paleo diet, etc.

#3 Be prepared for questions

If you’ve done your research and you know your main points this should be easy.  Try and anticipate the likely objections your parents may have and have a well thought out reply ready.

Luckily, I’ve already written an article with some of the most common arguments for and against the paleo diet.

#4 Pick the right time

It’s best to approach your parents at a time when they seem relaxed and happy to have the discussion.  It’s probably not a good time when either parent seems stressed or tired, because they’ll likely be more irritable and less open to hear what you have to say.

If you haven’t completed something they’ve asked you to do, such as tidying your room or homework, this is another easy (and valid) reason for objection.  So get those chores done first.

#5 Give them time to think about it

Don’t be tempted to force the issue and demand your parents give you an answer right away.

Tell them to get back to you in a couple hours or days with any questions or concerns they have.  Give them a copy of your sources (any books or websites you used in your own research) so they can check them out for themselves.

Let them know you want to discuss this as mature, responsible adults and you are willing to work through any potential issues.

#6 Be prepared to compromise

Work out an agreement that makes both you and your parents happy.  Offer to help with the shopping or extra cooking and food preparation in exchange.

Make sure they are getting something out of this as well and not expected to take on extra work because of your choices.  Parents are busy people.

#7 What to do if the answer is no

You can always just ask for reasons why – sometimes they’ll give you a valid point of view and sometimes it won’t make sense.

As long as you do it in a grown-up fashion, most parents will be happy to give you reasons.  Ask them their concerns and try to address them.  This may help change their minds.

If you can find out why they say no, you can find a way to overcome that particular obstacle or reframe it in a way that they’ll agree to.

Congratulations on your decision to start eating a paleo-style diet, it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your health.  If you do your research and approach your parents in a mature manner I’m sure you’ll have no difficulty in convincing them.

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